Modular Design

The Dry Chamber of the Hyper-Sub is a modular cabin that can be removed and changed out. Cabins are scalable and customizable.


The Hyper-Sub has over 30,000lbs of lift resulting in improvements in safety and performance.

Speedboat/Submarine Hybrid

The Hyper-Sub needs no transport vessel to be deployed, dramatically reducing the cost and time associated with subsea access.


A hybrid speedboat and submarine that completely redefines small, submersible technology.

The Hyper-Sub is a revolutionary innovation in subsea access. By combining the speed and ease-of-use of a 900hp speedboat with the deep-diving capabilities of a submarine, the Hyper-Sub completely redefines everything we thought was possible in subsea technology.

Since it is a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub eliminates the need to have a transport vessel and specially trained crew in order to deploy the submarine. As a hybrid vessel, it performs all necessary functions for full-scale deployment at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional submarines.

It is scalable, modular and reconfigurable. It can deep-sea dive or travel just barely submerged in the shallowest of waters. When traveling on the surface, the Hyper-Sub can recharge its batteries. These unmatched capabilities make the Hyper-Sub ideal for far-reaching applications in government and military, port security, oil and gas industry, subsea pipeline inspections, maritime and scientific exploration and an array of private industries.

The Hyper-Sub Hyper-Buoyancy concept

Safety Features

  • The Hyper-Sub can rapidly ascend in case of emergency.
  • The Hyper-Sub can make a controlled return to the surface even in the event of primary systems failure, including electronics and hydraulics.
  • The Hyper-Sub can return to the surface even if the cabin became flooded.
  • If the Hyper-Sub were to invert during extreme weather conditions it has the capability to submerge and right itself.
  • In almost any foreseeable crisis, the Hyper-Sub can return its cabin to a position above the waterline and resume normal surface craft functionality and safety.
One of the most unique features of the Hyper-Sub is its modular design. The Hyper-Sub is essentially two main components, the Sea-Frame and the Dry Chamber.


The Sea-Frame of the Hyper-Sub is the functional base unit and consists of four main components: ballasts, engine, batteries and dive chamber.

The Dry Chamber is a changeable component that is completely scalable and reconfigurable. The Hyper-Sub cabin can be customized to suit nearly any desired usage or requirement; changes can be made to adjust passenger requirements, crew requirements, cargo capacity, equipment needs, battery payload and any number of options designed to meet specific criteria for the end-user.

This allows the Hyper-Sub to be customized to serve nearly any potential functionality. As a military vessel designed for specific mission requirements or a port security vessel configured for subsea inspections, and numerous other possibilities.

This modular design allows the end-user to have one Sea-Frame base unit, and then be able to quickly and easily change out Dry Chambers for different mission requirements. Essentially creating the ability to have a variety of submarine platforms with one base unit.

Standard System Features

  • Engine snorkel for diesel powered semi-submerged propulsion and semi-submerged recharge capabilities
  • Surveillance camera(s)
  • Variable Cargo Capacity: 6,000lbs (2,722 kg)
  • Standard Dive Air Storage: 4,000 std. cu. ft. @ 4500 psi (SCBA air rated)
  • Electrical system: 96 VDC and 12 VDC
  • SCBA air umbilical for prolonged diver support
  • SCUBA tank recharge capability
  • A/C Power Inverter
  • Rear and side deck space for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) deployment, cargo or other purposes
  • Photonics periscope mast for surface reconnaissance while submerged

Battery Options

  • 22.8 kWh (AGM only)
  • 68 kWh
  • 136 kWh
  • 272 kWh

Cabin Materials

Steel: 1,200′ depth capability

Acrylic: 500′ depth capability