Tactical Welder: Battery Powered Welding System

Nov 20, 2017 | News & Announcements

The Tactical Welder is a truly innovative battery powered mobile welding solution that leverages new battery management technology creating a safe, completely portable welder that fits in a backpack.
Weighing less than 25 pounds, the Tactical Welder is ideal for remote locations, off-shore welding and shipyard environments. There are no generators to haul, no cables to run, everything you need is one backpack and welding is as easy as flipping a switch.

Tactical Welder Portable Welder

The Tactical Welder weighs less than 20 pounds and fits in a backpack. No generators to haul and no heavy cables. The portability of the Tactical Welder makes it ideal for remote locations, quick weld jobs, hard to reach sites and small spaces.
All components are designed to be stored/transported in the included backpack. The bag provides a holster for the spool gun and tools, allowing for one-hand welding operations.

With half kW power and 300 Amps, the Tactical Welder is capable of producing a weld that meets AWS D1.1 structural steel requirements based on face and root bend testing, using the included spool gun with .035” flux-cored wire, with 75/25 Argon CO2 gas mixture on 3/8” steel.
The Tactical Welder can weld for up to 56 minutes using a 30% duty cycle, or 1/2 lb. spool of weld wire on a single charge.

The on-board Battery Management System (BMS) uses 8 Lithium Ion Phosphate Cells to deliver consistent safe power, safely controls charging and discharging functions.
Built-in thermal sensors to shut the welder down if excessive heat is detected inside of the battery pack, with the help of the BMS.
High current contactor provides the cold tip feature protecting the operator and the system from short circuits.

Early Adopter Program
We have the Tactical Welder available now for purchase through our Early Adopter Program at Orion Solutions.
When you acquire the Tactical Welder from Orion Solutions under this program, you can purchase the Tactical Welder at a 10% discounted price and it ships with a 30 day no questions asked return policy with return shipping included. The Early Adopter Program is only available to business customers and is limited to one unit per customer. During the 30-day evaluation period, you will get to work and speak directly with the engineering team to answer any specific questions you have and become an influencer as we expand the tactical product line with this innovative battery management technology. The Early Adopter program is on top of the existing 1 year Standard Warranty which covers potential shipping damage or material defects. The Early Adopter Program unit will end once all of the designated units have shipped.