Orion Solutions Showcases Gentoo Hydrophobic Coating at MegaRust 2016

Jun 26, 2016 | News & Announcements

Orion Solutions exhibited at MegaRust 2016 this week in San Diego to showcase some of the advanced technologies we’re developing through our strategic partnership with UltraTech International.

We featured the revolutionary Gentoo hydrophobic coating which creates a completely transparent, extremely durable hydrophobic coating that sheds water and prevents corrosion unlike any other coating available. We were able to show our own testing performed on a metal plate that has been submerged in the San Diego harbor for six months, and once removed any marine growth an algae were literally wiped off with one swipe of a finger showing no deterioration or corrosion of the metal structure beneath.

In addition to Gentoo we also featured our other coatings; Ultra EverDry and EverShield. Ultra EverDry is a superhydrophobic and omniphobic coating that provides water shedding and anti-corrosion properties that are especially suited to protecting machinery and computer components from the effects of water and moisture exposure. EverShield is a durable omni-repellant used to treat fabrics that can make clothing that becomes repellant to oils, food products, mud, concrete, ice, and more.

Orion Solutions also provided samples of our Aveho odor removal system, a completely innovative technology that eliminates odors at the molecular level rather than covering up the odor with a fragrance.

We are thankful to the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) for hosting MegaRust 2016 and allowing us to be a part of this event.