Server Products


Authorized Dell Commercial and Federal Reseller providing Desktop, Laptop, Server and Storage Products.

HP Proliant

Need fast delivery on Proliant systems, Orion Solutions maintains inventory on most systems and can have them built, burned in and on your doorstep in a matter of days. Next day delivery on parts and components from our inventory is available.


Orion maintains a large inventory or both systems and components made available from its Rental Program. Parts are on hand and inventory for same day shipment.


Complete systems along with features and components are available for quick delivery. Orion carries Solaris, Intel and AMD based platforms from Sun Vseries to M series. Legacy components and systems in stock as well.

IBM pSeries/iSeries

Orion carries the full line of AIX & OS/400 components. Fully configured systems, disks, processors and other features are available. IBM xSeries – If your environment is Windows or Linux, we carry the full line of IBM xSeries servers. Contact us if you need a single blade server to complete rack mount systems.

Storage Products

HP Proliant

Orion provides HP Proliant storage systems and components. Systems ship out in a matter of days. Parts or Components ship same day in most cases. (Legal)

HP Disk Array & Tape

If you need MSA, EVA or other HP Storage systems, components or accessories, Orion is your one stop for complete solutions.

IBM Storage

Contact Orion for your Tape, Disk System and SAN or NAS products. Orion provides complete systems or components.

Oracle Storage

Tape Libraries, Disk Storage, Storage Servers and components are available from Orion built by our certified engineers and delivery to your location on time and at the price point that keeps your budget intact.


Orion carries a complete inventory of NetApp components and parts to help you realize cost savings when there is no budget available to upgrade with new systems. Extend the life of your existing NetApp solution with Orion. (Legal)


EMC storage components and refurbished systems available from Orion come completely tested and configured prior to shipment. You’ll receive the same quality of goods for a fraction of the cost.

Network Products

Cisco Systems

Rely on Orion for your Cisco needs for Cisco routers, switches and parts. All products are fully burned in and tested prior to shipment. Next day availability on most parts and components. Leverage our off rental inventory of Cisco parts and systems to save you money when it matters most.


Orion is a J-Partner and authorized Juniper reseller. Contact Orion for your Juniper equipment needs.


Obtain an array of Foundry products from Layer 3 Backbone switches to Advanced and Converged Edge Switches.

Client Systems


Orion is an authorized commercial and federal reseller of Dell Desktop, Laptops and peripherals.


Laptop, Desktops and workstations from HP are available from Orion. Contact us for your needs with HP or Compaq product lines.