There has been a great deal of published research on the issues of repeated BOP exposure potentially causing an increased risk of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).   The EBSS-RSO is a patented product developed by former SOF Operators.  In initial testing, using Blackbox B3 Blast Gauge® sensors, the EBSS-RSO significantly reduces BOP experienced by RSOs.

The EBSS-RSO uses baffles with an internal chamber that shield the RSO and redirects the blast waves away from the shooter.  The EBSS-RSO is forklift moveable and designed to be installed on either a prepared flat surface or mounted onto a concrete pad.  The product is built using materials designed with a 10-year product warranty.

The EBSS-RSO is the first of several products in development to reduce the risks associated with BOP exposure and training.

Blast Overpressure Monitoring (Technology Kit)
Each Tech Kit comes with a GromaTech Ruggedized Video Recording and Display System designed to provide the RSO with an enhanced view of the firing in real-time while safely located behind the protection of the EBSS.  And the Wireless Blast Gauge® System for industry-leading objective blast monitoring.  

Installation and Training
Orion provides installation of each EBSS-RSO ensuring units are properly positioned for maximum protection and we recommend receiving our comprehensive training demonstrating how to properly use the EBSS-RSO across multiple firing lanes.  

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