True Odor Removal

Aveho does not mask an odor with a fragrance. Aveho converts odor molecules into non-oderous molecules.


Spring Mountain, Ocean Breeze. There are dozens of products with dozens of creative names meant to serve one purpose; to cover one odor with another.

Aveho Odor Remover doesn’t replace or mask an unpleasant odor with a fragrance. Aveho extinguishes the odor at the molecular level. So you’re not left with overpowering, headache inducing fragrances. You’re left with clean, fresh, unscented air. The way it should be.

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Aveho is designed to mimic processes found in nature, where metal atoms and amino acids form strong bonds. It’s the amino acids that break down to create odors, Aveho uses the amino acids natural tendency to bind with nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur which removes the odor.

Aveho contains micro-sized particles that work to eliminate odors either by physically binding with or catalytically converting odor molecules.

Physical Binding
The micro-sized particles in Aveho can capture and physically bind odor causing compounds.

Aveho physically binding to odor molecules.

Aveho can literally convert an odorous molecule into a non-odorous molecule.

Aveho Odor Absorbing Molecules

Aveho® vs. Fragrance-Based Products

Fragrance based odor removers only mask odors, not remove them. So you wind up with a strong fragrance that can only hide the odor that is still there. How many times has the fragrance to get rid of an odor been almost as offensive as the odor itself?
Aveho does not cover up an odor with a fragrance, it eliminates the odor entirely leaving no scent or fragrance. Just fresh smelling, clean air.

Aveho® vs. Baking Soda and Activated Carbon

Baking soda and activated carbon both absorb smells, both good and bad. Because these absorbers attract so many odors, their capacity to absorb them is limited or short-lived. It would take a lot of baking soda to absorb a powerful odor.

Aveho is a selective odor eliminator, specifically attacking malodors and leaving pleasant fragrances intact.

Aveho® vs. Antimicrobials

Antimicrobials are designed to kill microbes, all microbes, including the good ones that help us to stay healthy.
Aveho targets malodor molecules themselves, not the microbes.